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Pursuing Justice

one client at a time

Your full-service legal 

advisor, ally, and advocate.

At KENNEDY-DVORAK, we have successfully represented clients in their business enterprises, in their personal and pressing legal needs, in their litigation matters, and we help them sort through their everyday legal questions.  We have the experience to help you navigate the often tumultuous and disorienting waters of the law and to make it as smooth a process as we can.

At KENNEDY-DVORAK we have extensive experience in negotiations, mediation, and civil litigation generally, including business torts, construction disputes, contract disputes, general commercial and business-to-business disputes, contractor-subcontractor disputes, estate litigation, personal injury, and other civil litigation matters.  

We employ a hands-on, personalized approach with each client with the intent of resolving your present need, but also with the intent of building a long-term attorney-client relationship.  We work hard to establish a personal relationship with each client in order to create a strategy that is successful, pragmatic, and cost-effective.  

At KENNEDY-DVORAK, we believe in practicing law with the intention of becoming your personalized advisor, ally, and legal advocate.  We are here to ensure each client's needs are met and their goals exceeded.  

Let us help.  Contact us today.